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About the New Zealand ORCID Consortium


Following the recommendation of a broad cross-sector working group, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has generously agreed to pay the consortium fee to allow eligible New Zealand organisations to join in a national approach to ORCID membership.

This support covers the Society’s ORCID Work Programme, which includes consortium membership subscriptions for up to 99 NZ organisations, and a software development work programme to create a New Zealand ORCID hub that will allow organisations of all scales and technical resource to productively engage with ORCID.

Consortium membership immediately brings the benefits of Premium ORCID Membership to all participants in the Consortium.  In addition, the NZ ORCID Consortium will be operated with an Advisory Committee; Consortium membership will enable organisations to nominate individuals to both this Committee and the IT Advisory Group which has input into the design and functionality of the NZ ORCID hub.

The Society has entered into a consortium agreement as Lead Agency and formally launched the Consortium with 34 member organisations, on 13 October 2016. 

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Joining the Consortium

Up to 99 New Zealand institutions of higher education, non-profit organisations, and government research and funding agencies are eligible for consortium membership, at no cost, under our arrangement with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Inclusion of organisations based in New Zealand and legally affiliated with these entities is up to the discretion of ORCID.

Current consortium members include Universities, Crown Research Institutes, Independent Research organisations, District Health Boards and research funders. List of current consortium members

By joining the consortium you gain the benefit of premium ORCID membership, including the ability to request, and act on, permission to read/write to the profiles of researchers. Premium membership also provides personalised monthly analytic reports, specific to your organisation, together with a range of other benefits, including local technical support and assistance with ORCID integration.

If you wish to become a member of the New Zealand ORCID consortium you will have to sign an accession agreement (sample). Once you have signed the agreement you will have to provide a main contact person as an ORCID communications conduit for your institution, as well as a technical contact person who will liaise with the New Zealand ORCID hub over system integrations.

Please contact the Society if you would like to discuss membership of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium. 

Useful resources for Consortium members

As the Consortium Lead, the Society provides support to the Consortium's Members.  For a description of what this means, and a collation of useful resources, see here: NZ ORCID Consortium Resources

Collect and Connect badges from ORCID

Collect and Connect is a set of resources and guidelines for ORCID integration and engagement. The collect and connect badge system ensures that all organisations understand their role, their responsibilities, and the benefits in incorporating ORCID identifiers into their systems and that users see a consistent, recognisable means of information collection, display and data exchange.

The badges are cumulative - you must have preceding badges in order to be eligible for the next one. More information about the badges for funders, publishers and research organisations is on this page of the ORCID website.

The four badges and an explanation of what is required to obtain them are:

badge symbol explanation of badge
collect ORCID Badge 01 s COLLECT2 You are collecting researchers' ORCID IDs using the API to ensure the IDs are correct and error free;
the researcher has agreed to their ID being collected
display ORCID Badge 02 s DISPLAY2 You have collected ORCID IDs with the researchers' permission;
you using them in your system.
connect ORCID Badge 03 s CONNECT2 Information about funding and/or affiliation and/or works etc. is connected to your systems; you are using ORCID record information to autopopulate forms that you require researchers to fill in.
synchronize ORCID Badge 04 s SYNCHRONIZE You are creating automatic, bidirectional information flow between your system and ORCID records, having first obtained the researcher's permission to do so.


The New Zealand ORCID Consortium Advisory Committee

As a Government-supported Consortium for the benefit of the New Zealand research community, the Consortium benefits from the input of a sector-representative Advisory Committee.  For a description of the roles, meetings, and membership of New Zealand ORCID Advisory Committee, see here: NZ ORCID Consortium Advisory Committee.

The New Zealand ORCID Hub and the Information Technology Advisory Group

New Zealand's research organisations are found in a range of sizes and sectors, and with widely differing technical resources.  To encourage and support New Zealand research organisations, and their researchers, to be able to use and benefit from ORCID, the New Zealand Government is supporting the development of the New Zealand ORCID Hub.  The New Zealand ORCID Hub is an open source project being developed by the Society's Technology Partner, the University of Auckland, with the Society as Product Owner and supported by an IT Advisory Group drawn from the ranks of the Consortium Members' Technical Contacts. For more information on the New Zealand ORCID Hub and the IT Advisory Group, see here: NZ ORCID Hub.

FAQs relating to the NZ ORCID Consortium

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions received about the Consortium, see here: NZ ORCID Consortium FAQ. This list will be added to as new questions are received.

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