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New Zealand ORCID Consortium launch

On 13 October 2016, the Royal Society of New Zealand hosted the launch of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium. This launch was followed by a day long workshop entitled “Making the most of ORCID”

Launch of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium

09:30–10:00 Reception

10:01–10:40 Event opened by Dr Andrew Cleland (Chief Executive, Royal Society of New Zealand), followed by speeches from:

Mr David Smol (Chief Executive, MBIE); 
Dr Laurel Haak (Executive Director, ORCID); 
Prof. Peter Hunter (UOA); 
Dr Rosanne Ellis (URONZ, AUT); 
Dr Rob Whitney (IRANZ); 
Mr Anthony Scott (Science New Zealand); and, 
Prof. Richard Bedford (President, Royal Society of New Zealand)

Making the most of ORCID

11:10 Workshop opens

11:16–12:00 Presentation from Dr Laurel Haak (ORCID), vision and latest developments.  Presentation is available here: ORCID Update

1:01–01:30 Presentation from Jason Gush (Royal Society of New Zealand) covering brief ORCID introduction, and the consortium's roles, responsibilities, and organisation.  Presentation is available here: NZ ORCID Consortium

01:31–02:00 jeff kennedy (UOA, Chair of High Level Tech. Requirement Sub-Group) presenting on the New Zealand ORCID Hub.  Presentation is available here: NZ ORCID WG Hub Concept

02:01–03:00 Panel discussion, moderated by Prof. Peter Hunter (UOA) featuring:

Brian Flaherty (UOA);
Max Suckling (PAF);
Katy Miller (VUW); and,
Clinton Watson (MBIE)

Workshop closed.

The organising committee for both events was comprised of: Jason Gush (RSNZ); Clinton Watson (MBIE); Katy Miller (VUW); Anne Scott (UOC); Michele Napier (PAF); and, Hannah Russel (NIWA) 

Attendance at both events was strong, rather exceeding the number registered. In total, an estimated 120 people attended the Launch, and approximately 80 attended the workshop.

A Storify of the day's event was curated by Nobuko Miyairi (ORCID), and is presented here: