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View recipients of the Dame Joan Metge Medal.

The New Zealand Science and Technology Gold Medal was renamed the Rutherford Medal in 2000 and all previous gold medals are now referred to as the Rutherford Medal.

Latest recipient

The 2018 Metge Medal for excellence and building relationships in the social science research community was awarded to Associate Professor Suzanne Pitama for her considerable contribution to inspiring and developing new research capacity and knowledge for health professional education to address critical Indigenous health inequities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Previous recipients


Stuart McNaughton (for his contributions to the building of research capacity in educational sciences, advancing literacy and language development, and for his evidence-based impact on educational policy both nationally and internationally)


Alison Jones (for the significant impact she has made on New Zealand educational research and practice, particularly on Māori-Pakeha educational relationships and women’s education at tertiary level)


Linda Tuhiwai Smith (for her outstanding contribution in inspiring, mentoring and developing the capacity of Māori researchers through teaching and research) 

Janet Holmes FRSNZ (for her outstanding contribution to linguistics)


Richard Bedford FRSNZ (for his contribution to the development of social sciences over a long period, and has made major contributions to new knowledge in the field of migration, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region)

Richie Poulton FRSNZ (for his work as director of the University of Otago longitudinal study which is following the health and development of more than 1000 babies born in Dunedin in 1972/3 providing substantial contributions to new knowledge)


Philippa Howden-Chapman (whose research has had a major impact on our understanding of the link between housing, energy and health)

Diana Lennon (whose research as a paediatrician scientist has made a major impact on the lives of New Zealand children)