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Our Constituent Organisations

Our Constituent Organisations help us identify and address issues relevant to the research, knowledge and innovation sectors, and link into the research information and activities that the Society undertakes.

Constituent Organisations are generally discipline-based, that is their members group through an interest in a particular discipline. Each Constituent Organisation is a voting member of the Society, and aligns to an Electoral College. They get to participate in the Discipline-based Forums, chaired by the Society's three Vice Presidents.

The list below is alphabetical by organisation. To find Constituent Organisations grouped by discipline (Electoral College), see our discipline-based forums:

Association for Women in the Sciences

Address: AWIS, 92 Puriri St, Fendalton, CHRISTCHURCH 8041

President: Emma Timewell awisnz.convenor@gmail.com

Contact: Miriam Hall awis.secretary@gmail.com

Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand

President: Brigitte Bönisch-Brednich brigitte.bonisch-brednich@vuw.ac.nz

Contact: Nayantara Appleton nayantara.s.appleton@vuw.ac.nz

Australasian Society for Immunology (NZ Branch)

Contact: Axel Heiser axel.heiser@agresearch.co.nz

Contact: Ries Langley r.langley@auckland.ac.nz

Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (NZ Section)(ASCEPT)

Address: ASCEPT, PO Box 351, Hamilton Central, QLD 4007, AUSTRALIA

President: Nuala Helsby n.helsby@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Katie Roberson secretariat@ascept.org

Australian and New Zealand Communications Association

President: Philip McIntyre phillip.mcintyre@newcastle.edu.au

Contact: Elizabeth Gray F.E.Gray@massey.ac.nz

Geoscience Society of New Zealand

President: Adrian Pittari apittari@waikato.ac.nz

Contact: Catherine Reid catherine.reid@canterbury.ac.nz

Meteorological Society of New Zealand

Address: Meteorological Society of New Zealand (Inc.), PO Box 6523, Marion Square, WELLINGTON 6141

President: Sylvia Nichol sylvia.nichol@niwa.co.nz

Contact: Katrina Richards katrinarichards007@gmail.com

New Zealand Archaeological Association

Address: New Zealand Archaeological Association Inc., PO Box 6337, DUNEDIN 9054

President: president@nzarchaeology.org

Contact: Brooke Tucker secretary@nzarchaeology.org

New Zealand Association for Research in Education

Address: Executive Officer, PO Box 17, Ōtaki, 5542

Contact: Jenny Ritchie   jenny.ritchie@vuw.ac.nz  

Contact: Mere Skerrett  mere.skerrett@vuw.ac.nz

Contact: Sharmaine Cook admin@nzare.org.nz

New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers

Address: NZ Assn of Mathematics Teachers, PO Box 26582, Epsom, AUCKLAND 1344

President: Gillian Frankcom g.frankcom@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Jenny Hawke-Cross admin@nzamt.org.nz

New Zealand Association of Science Educators

Address: NZ Assn of Science Educators, PO Box 37 342, Halswell, CHRISTCHURCH 8245

President: Chris Duggan chris.duggan@houseofscience.nz

Contact: Donna Sellers nzase@xtra.co.nz

New Zealand Association of Scientists

Address: New Zealand Assn of Scientists, PO Box 1874, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Craig Stevens president@scientists.org.nz

Contact: Fiona McDonald fiona.mcdonald@otago.ac.nz

New Zealand Ecological Society

Address: New Zealand Ecological Society, Secretariat, PO Box 5075, CHRISTCHURCH 8542

President: Clayson Howell President@newzealandecology.org

Contact: Sandra Anderson secretary@nzes.org.nz

New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society

President: Marc Schallenberg marc.schallenberg@otago.ac.nz

Contact: Amy Whitehead amy.whitehead@niwa.co.nz

New Zealand Geographical Society

Address: New Zealand Geographical Society, C/- Dr Maria Borovnik, National Secretary, School of People, Environment and Planning, Private Bag 11222, PALMERSTON NORTH 4410

President: Harvey Perkins h.perkins@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Maria Borovnik m.borovnik@massey.ac.nz

Contact: admin@nzgs.co.nz

New Zealand Geothermal Association

Address: New Zealand Geothermal Association, c/- Ringa Matau Limited, PO Box 7214, Te Ngae, ROTORUA 3042

President: Andy Bloomer president@nzgeothermal.org.nz

Contact: John Burnell j.burnell@gns.cri.nz

New Zealand Historical Association

Address: New Zealand Historical Association, C/- History, School of Humanities, University of Auckland, AUCKLAND

President: Aroha Harris FRSNZ a.harris@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Felicity Barnes f.barnes@auckland.ac.nz

New Zealand Hydrological Society

Address: New Zealand Hydrological Society (Inc.), PO Box 12300, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Joseph Thomas joseph.thomas@tdc.govt.nz

Contact: Mike Ede mike.ede@marlborough.govt.nz

Contact: Mike Thompson mike.thompson@gw.govt.nz

New Zealand Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science

Address: NZ Institute of Agricultural & Horticultural Science, PO Box 121063, Henderson, AUCKLAND

President: Michael Dodd secretariat@agscience.org.nz

Contact: Jenny Taylor secretariat@agscience.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

Address: New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, P O Box 39112, Harewood, CHRISTCHURCH 8545

Contact: NZIC.Office@nzic.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology

Address: New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (Inc.), PO Box 5574, Terrace End, PALMERSTON NORTH 4441

President: Anne Scott anne@foodnz.co.nz

Contact: Rosemary Hancock rosemary@nzifst.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Address: New Zealand Institute of Forestry, PO Box 10 513, WELLINGTON 6143
President: James Treadwell president@nzif.org.nz

Contact: David Evison david.evison@canterbury.ac.nz

Contact: Jay Matthes admin@nzif.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Physics

Address: New Zealand Institute of Physics (Inc.), c/o Conferences and Events Ltd, PO Box 1254, NELSON 7040

President: David Hutchinson david.hutchinson@otago.ac.nz

Contact: Daniel Schumayer secretary@nzip.org.nz

New Zealand Institute of Surveyors

Address: New Zealand Institute of Surveyors, PO Box 5304, Lambton Quay, WELLINGTON 6145
President: Mark Allan markallan@surveyors.org.nz

Contact: Bruce McFadgen arch.research@actrix.co.nz

Contact: Jenna Chapman jennachapman@surveyors.org.nz

New Zealand Marine Sciences Society

President: Hilke Giles hilke.giles@gmail.com

Contact: Dana Clark secretary@nzmss.org

New Zealand Mathematical Society

President: Astrid an Huef astrid@maths.otago.ac.nz

Contact: Emily Harvey emily.harveyNZ@gmail.com

New Zealand Microbiological Society

President: Richard Cannon president@nzms.org.nz

Contact: Helen Withers secretary@nzms.org.nz

New Zealand Plant Protection Society

President: Tim Herman tim.herman@pipfruitnz.co.nz

Contact: Jenny Taylor secretary@nzpps.org

New Zealand Political Studies Association/Te Kahui Tatai Torangapu o Aotearoa

President: Kate McMillin kate.mcmillan@vuw.ac.nz

Contact: Julienne Molineaux julienne.molineaux@aut.ac.nz

New Zealand Psychological Society

Address: New Zealand Psychological Society Incorporated, PO Box 25271, WELLINGTON

President: Quentin Abraham quentinabraham@greenstoneconsultants.co.nz

Contact: Pam Hyde executivedirector@psychology.org.nz

New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Address: New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Inc), School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, AUCKLAND 1142

President: Monica Gerth (Otago) monica.gerth@otago.ac.nz

Secretary: Amy Osbourne (Otago) amy.osbourne@otago.ac.nz

Treasurer: Jeremy Owen (VUW) jeremy.owen@vuw.ac.nz

New Zealand Society for Oncology

President: Ben Lawrence BenjaminLa@adhb.govt.nz

Contact: Ken Dempster kgdempst@xtra.co.nz

New Zealand Society for Parasitology

President: Victoria Chapman victoria.chapman@zoetis.com

Contact: Saleh Umair saleh.umair@agresearch.co.nz

New Zealand Society of Animal Production

President: Nicola Schreurs n.m.schreurs@massey.ac.nz

Contact: Kate Crookston nzsap.inc@gmail.com

New Zealand Society of Endocrinology

President: Greg Anderson greg.anderson@otago.ac.nz

Contact: Joe Yip contact@nzse.science.org.nz

New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists (NZSPB)

President: Marian McKenzie marian.mckenzie@plantandfood.co.nz

Contact: David Burritt david.burritt@otago.ac.nz

New Zealand Society of Soil Science

President: David Houlbrooke david.houlbrooke@agresearch.co.nz

Contact: Timothy Clough Timothy.Clough@lincoln.ac.nz

New Zealand Statistical Association

Address: New Zealand Statistical Association (Inc.), PO Box 1731, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Ian Westbrooke iwestbrooke@doc.govt.nz

Contact: John Haywood john.haywood@vuw.ac.nz

New Zealand Veterinary Association

Address: New Zealand Veterinary Association, PO Box 11212, Manners St, WELLINGTON 6142

President: Caroline Robertson nzva@vets.org.nz

Contact: Callum Irvine callum.irvine@vets.org.nz

Contact: Deborah Stevens deborah.stevens@vets.org.nz

Nutrition Society of New Zealand

Address: Nutrition Society of New Zealand, PO Box 2039, Gonville, WANGANUI 4543

President: Sheila Skeaff sheila.skeaff@otago.ac.nz

Contact: Christine Butts chrissie.butts@plantandfood.co.nz

Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia

President: Tina Besley t.besley@waikato.ac.nz

Physiological Society of New Zealand

President: Paul Donaldson p.donaldson@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Daryl Schwenke daryl.schwenke@otago.ac.nz

Population Association of New Zealand

Address: Population Association of New Zealand (Inc.), PO Box 225, WELLINGTON 6140

President: Andrew Butcher Andrew.Butcher@justice.govt.nz

Contact: Alison Day secretary@population.org.nz

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

Address: Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, PO Box 3181, WELLINGTON 6140

President: John Drummond president@rasnz.org.nz

Contact: Nichola Van der Aa secretary@rasnz.org.nz

Sociological Association of Aotearoa NZ (SAANZ)

President: Steve Matthewman s.matthewman@auckland.ac.nz

Contact: Maxine Campbell maxine@waikato.ac.nz


Do Constituent Organisation details need updating or correcting? Email membership@royalsociety.org.nz.

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