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Our Council

The Council has a governance role within the Society and consists of the President and Councillors elected, appointed or co-opted.

Royal Society Te Apārangi Council

  • Professor Wendy Larner FRSNZ President, Royal Society Te Apārangi 2018-21
  • Professor Richard Blaikie FRSNZ Vice President/Academy Chair – Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Engineering 2017-20
  • Dr Tony Conner CRSNZ FRSNZ Vice President – Biological and Life Sciences 2018-21
  • Associate Professor Melinda Webber MRSNZ Councillor 2018-21
  • Professor Margaret Tennant FRSNZ FNZAH Vice President – Humanities and Social Sciences 2018-19
  • Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles MRSNZ Councillor 2018-2021
  • Emeritus Professor Kenneth Strongman FRSNZ FBPS Councillor - Branches Representative 2017-2020
  • Dr Liz Gordon MRSNZ Constituent Organisation Representative 2017-20
  • Associate Professor Jane Allison MRSNZ Councillor - ECR Representative 2018-19
  • Dr Moana Theodore MRSNZ  Councillor 2018-19

Royal Society Te Apārangi Council composition

The Royal Society of New Zealand Council is constituted as follows:

  • One President;
  • Three elected Vice-Presidents with specific responsibilities as listed below:
    • Biological and Life Sciences;
    • Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Technology and Engineering;
    • Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Three elected Councillors
  • One elected Representative of the Regional Constituent Organisations;
  • One elected Representative of the Constituent Organisations; and
  • Up to three Co-opted Councillors

The Chief Executive Officer appointed under Sec 26.1 of the our Act is Dr Andrew Cleland FRSNZ.

The Vice-Presidents chair our three Discipline-based Forums