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About Powering Potential

Y12-13 students with a passion for science and technology are selected to work together on solving some of the biggest issues facing the world

What change do you want to see in the world?

What can you do to help achieve it and how can we harness science and technology to get there faster?

We are looking for emerging thinkers who will be tomorrow’s doers – the people who will be tasked with solving some of the biggest issues facing the world.

If chosen, we’ll help you articulate your ideas and build your confidence, so you can achieve your true potential. 

This unique opportunity will see New Zealand’s most promising young students come together to seek answers to some of the world’s biggest problems, supported and guided by our mentors and world-class science leaders. Whether we make baby steps or giant leaps, we’ll do it together and learn from each other.

Do you want to join us? Do you want to realise your potential? Find out if you are eligible for Powering Potential. Places are strictly limited.

“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions."  Albert Einstein

The Powering Potential event

Powering Potential takes place in Wellington around mid December each year. The event will take place from Monday 11 December and participants will fly back home on Thursday morning 14 December. Participants may choose to arrive earlier or stay later but any extra accommodation, or costs over and above of what would normally be provided would need to be paid by the student.

  • Forty students Yr 12 -Yr 13 students who have a passion for science and technology and problem solving will be selected. All costs including travel, accommodation, food and activity fees are covered by the programme.
  • Powering Potential will not only challenge students but will also enhance their problem solving, team building and collaboration skills.
  • Students who are selected will meet and make friends with other like-minded students from all over New Zealand
  • Students will network with scientists about important issues they face in solving problems.
  • Students will learn lots about themselves and will be encouraged and mentored to think outside the square.
  • Students will feel motivated towards being divergent thinkers in the future.
  • Powering Potential also links in with the National Strategic Plan for Science in Society ‘A Nation of Curious Minds’ by encouraging youth into science and technology-based careers and developing entrepreneurial thinking.

It goes without saying that the power of curiosity and questioning and the ability to answer our own questions are crucial skills, both in the sciences and in life in general.

Goals of Powering Potential

  • To inspire participants to be catalysts for positive change in the future.
  • To empower students to realise their potential contribution and participation in the sciences and technology areas.

Current Status

Powering Potential is now open to nominations from eligible applicants.


Find out who is eligible for Powering Potential.


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