Teacher Alumni Awards

From 2011 to 2015, Teacher Alumni Awards recognised the effort and commitment by both teachers and schools in improving science learning following completion of teacher development programmes managed by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Award winners

  • 2011               Kerry Harrison, Eastern Hutt School, Wellington
  • 2012               Joy Kitt, Russell Street School, Palmerston North
  • 2013/2014     Carol Brieseman, Hampton Hill School, Wellington
                          Tracey Kinloch-Jones, Hereworth School, Havelock North 
                          Barbara Ryan, Muritai School, Wellington
  • 2015              Eden Hakaraia, Otaika Valley School, Northland
                          Ruth Baldwin, Kaitangata School, Otago

In 2015, the Science Teaching Leadership Programme replaced the Teacher Fellowship Scheme. This programme signaled a change of focus from individual teachers to schools or science departments committed to a sustained period of science development.  Schools access programme funding to support their ongoing science development.

In this context, the Society no longer offers Teacher Alumni Awards.  Excellence in science teaching is recognised in the Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize.