Primary CREST:NIWA Oceans Rising

The resources for this NIWA/Primary CREST Oceans Rising (PDF, 1.5 MB)context have been sourced from the SEREAD educational resources originally designed for teaching and learning programmes in the Pacific Islands.

SEREAD stands for Scientific Educational Resources and Experience Associated with the Deployment of Argo.

The Argo Project is a series floats that move up and down vertically through the water and the information they provide is used to help understand the changes taking place in today’s climate.

The SEREAD programme is sponsored by:  NIWA: National Institute for Water and Atmosphere, New Zealand.

This resource is a series of activities which complement current teaching curriculum and demonstrate the value of scientific knowledge through realistic and locally relevant applications.

There are notes for teachers and activities for students teaching them about the fundamental measurements that are used to describe and measure changes in climate; to understand how scientists use data and to provide opportunities for interaction between scientists and teachers.

Teachers could use these activities (PDF, 1.5 MB) as part of their own lesson plans or, alternatively, use the fully prepared Oceans Integrated Unit Plan (PDF, 3.5 MB).

These activities are free and easily accessible here.

You may choose to pay $3/student for a NIWA/Primary CREST Oceans Rising  Award and CREST badge on the confirmation of the successful delivery and completion of at least 8 of the NIWA/Primary CREST Oceans Rising activities.

You will need to send a completed Confirmation form and Order form. (Refer to Teachers Book) and send to: CREST, P.O. Box 598, WELLINGTON 6140