Joint Statement of Principle: Adoption and use of ORCID identifiers in New Zealand (PDF, 633 kB)

On 26 July 2016, the Health Research Council of New Zealand, the Independent Research Association of New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand Association of Scientists, the Royal Society of New Zealand, Science New Zealand, the Tertiary Education Commission and Universities New Zealand issued a joint statement of principle agreeing to strongly encourage and support the use of ORCID identifiers across New Zealand’s research and science system.

As a signatory of the ORCID Joint Statement of Principle (PDF, 633 kB), the Royal Society of New Zealand encourages the adoption and use of ORCID iD as the digital identifier for New Zealand’s research system.

Statistics on the use of ORCID in New Zealand

The New Zealand ORCID Consortium

Following the recommendation of a broad cross-sector working group, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has generously agreed to pay the consortium fee to allow eligible New Zealand organisations to join in a national approach to ORCID membership. This support covers the Society’s ORCID Work Programme, which includes consortium membership subscriptions for up to ninety-nine NZ organisations, and a software development work programme to create a New Zealand ORCID hub that will allow organisations of all scales and technical resource to productively engage with ORCID.

Consortium membership immediately brings the benefits of Premium ORCID Membership to all participants in the Consortium.  In addition, the NZ ORCID Consortium will be operated with an Advisory Committee; Consortium membership will enable organisations to nominate individuals to both this Committee and the IT Advisory Group which has input into the design and functionality of the NZ ORCID hub.

For more information on the Consortium for members, and for organisations thinking of becoming members: New Zealand ORCID Consortium

For a list of current Consortium Members: New Zealand ORCID Consortium Members

For ORCID related queries, and Consortium support please contact:

What is ORCID?

ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, not-for-profit organisation. Its core function is to provide a registry of unique, persistent, and resolvable person identifiers together with web services to enable interoperability through integration of identifiers into research systems and workflows. More information about ORCID for researchers and ORCID membership.

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