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  • Celebrating Marsden Research

    Celebrating Marsden Research

    View all items that celebrate Marsden-funded research, including media stories and clips, in-depth articles, photos, published books and more.

  • Marsden Research in the News

    Marsden Research in the News

    Marsden-funded research on television, radio and from around the web.

  • Marsden Research In Focus

    Marsden Research In Focus

    In-depth articles about Marsden-funded research.

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Photos from some of the more exotic locations and subjects from Marsden-funded research and researchers out-in-the-field.

  • Book Gallery

    Book Gallery

    Books and publications from Marsden-Funded research.

  • Multi-Media Gallery

    Multi-Media Gallery

    Listen or watch media that profiles Marsden-funded research.

  • Marsden Update

    Marsden Update

    The newsletter of the Marsden Fund, containing news and features about Marsden Fund sponsored research and researchers.