There are ten discipline-based assessment panels which make funding recommendations to the Marsden Fund Council.  The panels are made up of researchers who are experts in their field. They are appointed by the Royal Society of New Zealand after being recommended by the Fund Council and usually serve for a maximum of three years.

Biomedical Sciences

Research related to human health and disease in: physiology, pathology, pharmacology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, microbiology; neurobiology (including animals as a model species for humans); human genomics and related bioinformatics.

Name Institution
Professor Vicky Cameron (Convenor) University of Otago
Professor Bill Wilson University of Auckland
Dr Jacquie Harper Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
Associate Professor Shaun Lott University of Auckland
Professor Greg Cook University of Otago
Professor Stefan Bohlander University of Auckland
Associate Professor Christine Jasoni University of Otago
Dr Jonathan Marshall Massey University

Cellular, Molecular and Physiological Biology

Studies related to understanding the activities that occur in cells and tissues, and their integration within living organisms across the biological, agricultural and veterinary and biochemical sciences. This includes: plant physiology; animal physiology; cell biology; plant and animal genetics; molecular biology and molecular genetics; functional genomics and related bioinformatics; microbiology excluding microbial ecology; animal and plant pathology.

Name Institution
Dr Ian Ferguson (Convenor) Plant & Food Research
Associate Professor Mhoyra Fraser University of Auckland
Dr Joanna Williams University of Otago
Dr Austen Ganley Massey University
Professor Bill Davison University of Canterbury
Dr Liz Dennis CSIRO, Australia
Associate Professor David Ackerley Victoria University of Wellington
Dr James Murphy Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia

Earth Sciences and Astronomy

Including: geology; geophysics; physical geography; oceanography; hydrology; meteorology; atmospheric science; earth sciences; astronomy and astrophysics; also cross-disciplinary topics which include substantial components in some of these areas.

Name Institution
Professor Jarg Pettinga (Convenor) University of Canterbury
Associate Professor Peter Almond Lincoln University
Dr Greg Bodeker Bodeker Scientific
Professor Warrick Couch Australian Astronomical Observatory
Dr Martin Reyners GNS Science
Dr Helen Bostock NIWA
Associate Professor Jan Lindsay The University of Auckland
Dr Nick Mortimer GNS Science

Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Studies related to the interrelationships between organisms and their environment, evolution and behaviour. This includes: animal, plant and microbial ecology; biogeography; biodiversity; phylogenetics; systematics and evolution; population biology and genetics; animal behaviour; physiological plant ecology; biostatistics and modelling. Note that proposals seeking to establish the molecular basis of processes or traits are better sent to CMP or BMS panels, unless they materially concern the evolution of those processes or traits.

Name Institution
Emeritus Professor Carolyn Burns (Convenor) University of Otago
Professor Mick Keough University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Phil Battley Massey University
Dr James Russell The University of Auckland
Associate Professor Ximena Nelson University of Canterbury
Associate Professor Adrian Paterson Lincoln University
Dr Nic Rawlence

University of Otago

Professor Matthew Turnbull  University of Canterbury
Dr Belinda Ferrari University of New South Wales
Professor Peter Dearden  University of Otago

Economics and Human and Behavioural Sciences

Including: economics; psychology (experimental, cognitive, neuro-); cognitive science; cognitive linguistics; archaeology; physical anthropology; business studies; commerce; management studies; marketing; communication science and demography.

Name Institution
Professor David Bilkey (Convenor) University of Otago
Professor Dorian Owen University of Otago
Professor Simon Holdaway University of Auckland
Dr Peter Bushnell Bushnell Limited
Professor Siah Hwee Ang Victoria University of Wellington
Dr Marc Oxenham Australian National University
Dr Zhe Chen University of Canterbury
Professor Fiona Alpass Massey University

Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences

Including: fundamentals of engineering (biomedical, bioprocessing, civil, chemical, electrical, electronic, environmental, materials, mechanical and robotics); and cross-disciplinary research relating to engineering.

Name Institution
Professor Roger Nokes (Convenor) University of Canterbury
Professor Julie Cairney University of Sydney
Professor Karen Reynolds Flinders University
Assoc Professor Cather Simpson University of Auckland
Professor John Spencer Victoria University of Wellington
Mr Murray Close ESR
Dr John Vedamuthu Kennedy GNS
Professor Jonathan Scott University of Waikato
Associate Professor Tim Woodfield  University of Otago


Including: English; languages; history; religion; philosophy; law; classics; linguistics; literature; cultural studies; media studies; art history; film.

Name Institution
Professor Robert Hannah (Convenor) University of Waikato
Professor Cynthia J. White Massey University
Professor Louise Edwards University of New South Wales
Professor Katie Pickles University of Canterbury
Associate Professor Deidre Brown University of Auckland
Associate Professor Vijay Devadas Auckland University of Technology
Professor Jeanette Kennett Macquarie University
Professor Jacinta Ruru University of Otago

Mathematical and Information Sciences

Including: pure mathematics; applied mathematics; statistics; operations research; logic; computer science; information systems; and software engineering.

Name Institution
Professor Gillian Dobbie (Convenor) University of Auckland
Professor Yanchun Zhang Victoria University, Melbourne
Associate Professor Boris Baeumer University of Otago
Associate Professor Ruili Wang Massey University
Professor Astrid an Huef University of Otago
Professor Andrew Bassom University of Tasmania

Associate Professor Richard Arnold

Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Steven Galbraith

University of Auckland

Professor Patty Solomon

University of Adelaide

Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Including: materials science; physics; chemistry; biophysics, chemical biology and biochemistry.

Name Institution
Professor David Williams (Convenor) University of Auckland
Professor Shane Telfer Massey University
Professor Mark Rizzacasa University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Stuart Murdoch University of Auckland
Dr Carla Meledandri University of Otago
Associate Professor Andrew Sutherland-Smith Massey University
Professor Joachim Brand Massey University
Professor Rachel Webster  University of Melbourne

Social Sciences

Including: sociology; Māori studies; indigenous studies; sociology; social, developmental, organisational, community and health psychology; social, cultural and human geography; social anthropology; education; urban design and environmental studies; public health; nursing; public policy; political science; socio-linguistics; architecture.

Name Institution
Professor Linda Smith (Convenor) University of Waikato
Professor Elaine Reese University of Otago
Dr Nick Cradock-Henry Landcare Research
Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane University of Canterbury
Associate Professor Yvonne Underhill-Sem University of Auckland
Professor Richard Edwards University of Otago
Dr Tahu Kukutai University of Waikato

Social Sciences Fast-Start Panel

Because of the large numbers of applications to the Social Sciences panel in previous years, preliminary Fast-Start SOC proposals will be assessed by a second panel. Proposals invited to the full application round will be assessed along with the Standard proposals by the full Social Sciences panel.

Name Institution
Associate Professor Ann Sullivan (Chair)  The University of Auckland
Associate Professor Tim McCreanor Massey University
Professor Lynda Johnston  The University of Waikato
Professor Richard Jackson University of Otago
Dr Virginia Braun University of Auckland
Associate Professor Sara Kindon Victoria University of Wellington

Potential Panellists

The Marsden Fund secretariat at the Royal Society of New Zealand maintains a list of potential panellists. If individuals wish to signal their availability to serve on a Marsden Fund Panel in 2018 or beyond, they should contact Dr Rachel Averill at the Royal Society of New Zealand with their contact details, affiliation, a clear preference for which panel they would be suitable for, and ideally a link to their institutional web page.