April 2016 Call

Catalyst Seeding General

Number of received proposals: 69

Number of funded proposals: 20

New Zealand PI Institution Project Title Funding (GST Excl) Months Collaborator Countries
Dr Laura Revell Bodeker Scientific Making planet B: simulating options for engineering Mars’ atmosphere 49150 24 SWITZERLAND
Dr Xavier Pochon Cawthron Institute Plankton Planet – Sail4Science: Toward a holistic, integrated eco-morpho-genetic citizen sampling of the world oceans’ plankton 80000 24 FRANCE, USA
Dr Richard Kellett GNS Faults and Cities; Finding Out What Lies Below 71000 24 GERMANY
Dr Daniel Tompkins Landcare Research Vaccine development to prevent growing impacts of tick-borne diseases to New Zealand’s livestock industries 35000 12 AUSTRALIA, USA
Professor Hong Di Lincoln University Ammonia oxidisers and denitrifiers in soil and their relationships with nitrous oxide emissions 80000 24 CHINA
Dr Andres Gutierrez-Rodriguez NIWA Integrating oceanography and molecular biology to develop an Ecosystem framework for the NZ EEZ 77500 24 FRANCE
Dr Matthew Pinkerton NIWA Radiometric sensors for measuring coastal and estuarine water quality and habitats from drones 53030 24 GERMANY
Dr Geoffroy Lamarche NIWA Building capability for in situ quantitative characterisation of the ocean water column using acoustic multibeam backscatter data 72670 24 AUSTRALIA, FRANCE
Dr Emma Jones NIWA Predictive selectivity tools to enhance sustainability of inshore fisheries 64500 24 DENMARK
Dr Andrew Vogt Scion Computer Aided Material Prediction Modelling to Accelerate Product Development 39900 24 AUSTRALIA
Dr Mathias Sorieul Scion A world leading partnership to create a protein binder: reinforcing the interface between lignocellulosic fibres and biobased plastic for use in high performance, biobased composites. 40200 19 ISRAEL
Associate Professor P Cao The University of Auckland Powder conditioning for additive manufacturing 74000 24 CHINA
Professor Paul Kench The University of Auckland Drowning islands? Physically modelling the response of atoll islands to sea level rise. 78080 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Hilary Sheppard The University of Auckland Unleashing the full potential of T cells for immunotherapy treatment of cancer patients; a new collaboration between the Maurice Wilkins Centre, Auckland, NZ with the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine, Oxford, UK. 80000 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Professor Xun Xu The University of Auckland Cloud-enabled Cyber-Physical Production Systems (C2P2S) 80000 24 GERMANY, SWEDEN, UNITED KINGDOM
Associate Professor Ashvin Thambyah The University of Auckland DEFINING THE PRE-TO-EARLY OSTEOARTHRITIS (OA) STATE IN THE HUMAN JOINT 75626 24 AUSTRALIA
Professor Cynthia Farquhar The University of Auckland Prioritising research uncertainties and developing core outcomes in endometriosis. 79350 24 UNITED KINGDOM
Dr SL Masters University of Canterbury Direct Molecular Imaging of Gas-Phase Macromolecular Biological Systems 30250 24 GERMANY
Dr Andreea Calude University of Waikato The Evolution of Language 13900 24 GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM
Dr Wayne Linklater Victoria University Understanding and exploiting the urinary proteins of New Zealand’s leading mammal pest 79980 24 UNITED KINGDOM