The Catalyst Fund is the new name for the International Relationships Fund, which the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) re-shaped to allow for a more simplified and streamlined fund that better supports high quality international science collaborations for New Zealand.

The Fund supports activities that initiate, develop and foster collaborations leveraging international science and innovation for New Zealand’s benefit. It targets investment in leadership, influence, seeding and strategic cooperation through four funding streams.

The Royal Society of New Zealand, on behalf of MBIE, administers a number of opportunities in the funding streams Catalyst: Leaders , Catalyst: Seeding, and Catalyst: Influence. MBIE provides the funding opportunities under Catalyst: Strategic.

Requests for proposals to Catalyst: Leaders and Catalyst: Seeding will be made three times each calendar year in January, April, and July. For detailed information about the Catalyst Fund please visit MBIE’s website.

For more information on programmes funded under the Catalyst Fund and call times, please follow the links below.

  • Catalyst: Influence

    Supports New Zealand science sector participation in, and membership of, key international science fora and targeted engagement that cannot be supported through other means

  • Catalyst: Leaders

    Supports incoming and outgoing targeted international fellowships for exceptional individuals that cannot be supported through other means

  • Catalyst: Seeding

    Facilitates new small and medium pre-research strategic partnerships that cannot be supported through other means, and with a view to developing full collaborations that could be supported through Catalyst: Strategic over time.

  • Reviewing Proposals

    Information of how to register an expression of interest for reviewing catalyst proposals, guidelines for reviewers, and previous reviewers.

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For resources relating to existing international funding contract holders, please click here.