Current and Previous Fellows:

2016 Professor Debbie Hay (Health Sciences)
2016 Professor Timothy Naish FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2016 Professor Peter Smith (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2015 Professor Marti Anderson FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2015 Professor Antony Braithwaite FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2015 Professor Geoff Chase FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technology)
2015 Professor Jennifer Hay FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2014 Professor Philip Lester FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2014 Professor Geoff Whittle FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2014 Professor Peter Davis (Social Sciences)
2013 Professor Gerald Tannock FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2013 Professor James Noble (Engineering Sciences and Technology)
2012 Professor John Montgomery FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2012 Professor Robert McLachlan FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2012 Professor Colin Wilson FRSNZ (Physical Scineces)
2012 Professor Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2011 Professor Matt Visser FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2011 Professor Marston Conder FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2011 Professor Rick Millane (Engineering  Sciences and Technologies)
2011 Professor Gregory Cook (Biological Sciences)
2010 Associate Professor Anthony Poole (Health Sciences)
2010 Professor Susan Schenk FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2010 Associate Professor Poul Nielsen (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2010 Professor Paul Rainey (Biological Sciences)
2009 Professor Peter Lockhart FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2009 Associate Professor Parry Guilford (Health Sciences)
2009 Associate Professor Lianne Woodward (Social Sciences)
2009 Professor Tim Stern FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2009 Professor Mike Steel FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2008 Professor John Pratt (Social Sciences)
2008 Associate Professor Martyn Nash (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2007 Professor Murray Mitchell FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2007 Professor Kenneth McNatty FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2007 Professor Rod Downey FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2007 Professor Paul Callaghan PCNZM FRS FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2006 Professor Wickliffe Abraham FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2006 Professor James Sneyd FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2006 Associate Professor Catherine Casey (Social Sciences)
2006 Professor David Lambert FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2005 Professor Wei Gao FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2005 Professor Peter Steel FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2004 Associate Professor Gary Housley (Health Sciences)
2004 Professor Colleen Ward (Social Sciences)
2004 Professor Robert Jackson FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2003 Professor Ian Pool FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
2003 Professor Margaret Brimble FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2002 Professor Charles Higham FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2002 Dr Michael Berridge (Health Sciences)
2002 Professor Andrew Pullan (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2002 Professor Russell Gray FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2001 Professor Erik Olssen FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
2001 Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2001 Professor Robert Poulin FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2000 Professor Graham Le Gros FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2000 Professor Gaven Martin FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2000 Professor Jos Arrillaga FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
1999 Professor Michael Eccles (Health Sciences)
1999 Professor Michael Corballis FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
1999 Professor Jack Vowles FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
1999 Professor Judith Binney FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
1999 Professor Peter Hunter FRS FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
1999 Professor Warren Moran FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
1997 Professor Ken Mackenzie FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1997 Dr Bruce Hayward FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1997 Dr Bob McDowall FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
1996 Professor Geoffrey Krissansen (Health Sciences)
1996 Professor Roy Daniels FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
1996 Professor Jeff Tallon FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1996 Professor Athol Anderson FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ)
1996 Professor Brian Boyd FRSNZ (Social Sciences)