Latest Recipient

The 2016 T. K. Sidey Medal was awarded to Professor Rick Millane for his wide-ranging and fundamental work in x-ray diffraction imaging, diffraction theory, and optical diffusion imaging, and their application in biology and medicine. Read more

Previous recipients

2013 Jim McQuillan – for his part of a research partnership that created a new chemical analytical technique called surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and developing infrared spectroscopy to examine wet metal oxide nanoparticles.
2010 Grant Caldwellfor his pioneering studies of the Earth’s volcanic and fault line regions using magneto-telluric techniques that survey the Earth’s structure to depths of more than 30 km.
2007 Roger John Reeves – in recognition of his superb contribution to research intrinsically associated with electromagnetic radiation.
2004 Pablo Gabriel Etchegoin
Ian James Hodgkinson
2001 Richard John Blaikie
Robin Jon Hawes Clark
1997 Richard Lindsay Dowden
John Lekner
1984 Ian James Warrington
1977 Roy Fergus Benseman
1973 Norman Jack Rumsey
1966 Walter Sidney Metcalf
1959 John Hobart Piddington
1955 Henry Arthur Whale
1951 Victor Albert Bailey
1947 David Forbes Martyn
1936 Leonard Hill
1933 Ernest Rutherford
1933 George Vernon Hudson (special award)