Apply to become a Member

Membership applications have now reopened, with the launch in January 2017 of our New Member Join online portal.

If you’ve already aware of the membership options and are ready to apply, head straight to the New Member Join online portal to start your application to become a Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Current Members

The Royal Society of New Zealand recently (October 2016) changed its membership structure, and updated its General Rules. The new membership structure is now in effect. Find details online:

All current Members have been contacted directly about the new structure, and the options available to them. Up-to-date information about the transition to the new structure – including a timeline, what’s changed, the benefits for Members, and action required – can be found on the Membership Transition page.

Re-joining, or not sure of your membership status?

list of all current Members of the Royal Society of New Zealand can be found on our website. If you’re not on the list, then we don’t have you listed as a current Member. We invite former Members interested in re-joining to read about the current (new in October 2016) membership structure, and read the Member FAQ, before applying for membership using the New Member Join online portal (follow the links from the join page). Please direct any enquiries to

Looking for membership information?

Contact or follow the Royal Society of New Zealand

For regular updates, follow the Society on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to Alert, the Society’s weekly e-newsletter. Contact with any enquiries about membership.