Donations and Bequests

The Royal Society of New Zealand has an Endowment Fund to manage donations and bequests from private individuals which will help us with our work.

Through our wide range of activities, we advance science, technology and the humanities in New Zealand. Those benefiting include students, educators, researchers, scientists, technologists and the general public.

Our work is aimed at making a real difference in promoting and celebrating excellence in research, science and technology, and in encouraging young people to seek careers in these fields.

How you can help

Do you want to encourage future leaders? Or build greater national knowledge? Or support outstanding students?

We greatly value all financial contributions we receive to help us with our work. You can make a donation now or include a bequest in your will to the Endowment Fund.

We will work individually with donors to find the most suitable option to reflect their concerns and passions.

Making a gift

If you are interested in supporting the work of the Royal Society of New Zealand we would be happy to talk to you or your financial/legal advisor.

You can either:

Donations are tax deductible. Donors can be publicly acknowledged or choose to remain anonymous.


All donations made to the Royal Society of New Zealand Endowment Fund are managed by a group of trustees. The Charities Commission registration number for the Royal Society of New Zealand is CC44759.

You can be assured that your gift would be managed according to your wishes.