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Te Kauhuahua

In 2018, the Society set up Te Kauhuahua as an advisory group considering equity and diversity.

Te Kauhuahua means the horizontal cross beams on the bottom of a waka – they support what’s going on up top.

Terms of reference

  1. Te Kauhuahua will be advisory to the President during her/his term of office and be comprised of Council and sector representatives.
  2. Secretariat support will be provided by the staff-lead on diversity, noting that the steering group may request other staff participation as needs arise.
  3. Te Kauhuahua will produce a work plan aimed at reducing barriers to genuinely equitable processes and improve the participation of under-represented groups, with a primary focus on gender, but also consider intersectionality.
  4. Te Kauhuahua will monitor progress on commitments made in the Society’s Diversity Policy.  
  5. Te Kauhuahua will report bi-annually on progress made.