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Photo competition

Our public photography competition aimed to capture images reflecting New Zealand’s changing population.

The winning images visualize and complement the Our Futures: Te Pae Tawhiti review.

This major multi-disciplinary review explored the changing New Zealand population, and the implications of this for the economy, our culture, identity, education, indigeneity, and health. The review’s purpose is to promote informed discussion of the implications of the 2013 New Zealand Census for understanding the changing nature of New Zealand society.

Just as the Census of Population and Dwellings captures statistical information for every person in New Zealand one day every five years, this competition sought images that captured a typical day in New Zealand in 2014. The date chosen for this ‘Visual Census’ was Sunday 13 April.

Entrants entered one photo per category. The three categories were areas where the New Zealand population is changing quite significantly.

  • Diversity  – There is growing diversity in our culture, ethnicities, leisure, religions, food, sport and languages
  • Migration –  New Zealanders move around a lot, both within our country but also coming and going overseas
  • Ageing – Ageing is a process that starts from birth, affecting inter-generational relationships and communities in many ways

The photo competition closed midday Monday 28 April 2014. 


Competition winners

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