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Gene editing resources

Review the following resources to learn more about the advances occurring in gene editing, explaining historic and current methods for modifying genetic material and how the new gene editing technologies are already being used around the world. 

Cover Gene editing evidence update

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Animation on gene editing

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The Royal Society of New Zealand would like to thank the following people for their contribution on creating these resources: 

Expert reference group: Professor Barry Scott FRSNZ, Professor Peter Dearden, Associate Professor Peter Fineran, Professor Neil Gemmell, Professor Emily Parker, and Professor Andrew Allan.

International reviewers: Associate Professor Rodolphe Barrangou, Dr Sue Meek, Dr Thomas Joseph Higgins, and Dr Gaetan Burgio

Expert contributors: Dr Jane Alison, Dr Donna Bond, Dr Rowland Burdon FRSNZ, Dr John Caradus FRSNZ, Dr Revel Drummond, Professor Stephen Goldson FRSNZ, Dr Goetz Laible, Associate Professor Richard Macknight, Dr Elspeth MacRae, Mr John McEwan FRSNZ, Dr Shahista Nisa, Dr Grant Smith, Professor Hamish Spencer FRSNZ, Dr Robert Weinkove.

Other gene editing resources

International reviews

New Zealand regulation


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