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View recipients of the James G. Hay Travel Award

Past recipients of the James G. Hay Travel Award

Year of Congress
AwardeeNew Zealand InstitutionProject TitleAward (GST Inclusive)
2017 N/A      
2015 Mr Daniel Redmond University of Canterbury Modelling Expiration Using Viscoelastic Pressure Dependant Recruitment Models – Is it the same as Inspiration? $3,700
2015 Dr Daniel Cury Ribeiro University of Otago Muscle co-contraction at the shoulder during the dynamic relocation test: a cross-sectional study with asymptomatic individuals $2,000
2013 Mr Desney Greybe University of Auckland Determining Subject-Specific PCSAS for Muscles of the Forearm $3,000
2011 Dr Harvey Ho University of Auckland Multiscale Modelling for Cerebral Aneurysms $1,500
2011 Mr Thiranja, Prasad, Babarenda Gamage University of Auckland Predicting Breast Deformation Under Gravity Loading $2,426
2009 Mr Ashwath Sundaresan University of Canterbury Minimal Model of Lung Mechanics for Optimising Ventilator treatment in ARDS Patients $3,500
2007 Mr Matthew Brodie Massey University Fusion Motion Capture and the Biomechanics of Alpine Ski Racing $4,100