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Applying for Gold CREST

Registration of Interest due Tuesday 20 February 2018


There are three separate stages for registering interest for Gold CREST |February 2018


Step 1.                  Submit an Initial Registration of Interest no later than 5pm Tuesday 20th February


Step 2.                  Participate in the Introduction to Gold CREST seminar on Friday 23 February


Step 3.                  Submit an Application to Participate in Gold CREST 2013-2014 no later than 5 pm, 

                             Friday 9 March


Students MUST be a Year 12 student to register for Gold CREST.

Students must have completed either a Silver, Team Silver, Silver Challenge or Team Silver Challenge to be eligible to register for Gold CREST

To ensure consistency: to register for an Individual Gold  students must have completed an individual Silver or Silver Challenge CREST ; to register for a Team Gold students must have completed a Team Silver or Team Silver Challenge CREST.

No late registrations will be accepted.



Please note: a Team Gold CREST= one project