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TechHub CREST Challenge

The TechHub CREST Challenge is a collaboration between CREST, IT Professionals NZ, TechHub and ITP membership. It is designed to inspire and educate young people about future options in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

The TechHub CREST Challenge is based on the Team Bronze project framework and students successfully completing a project to that standard receive a Team Bronze CREST Award.

Teams of Year 9 and 10 students are required to develop a software program/application, following the principles of ICT development as used in the computer and software industry.

Each team will receive support from an ITP member, with staff taking time out of work to mentor the students and help guide them through their projects.

By the end of the Challenge, students are required to have developed a new programme/application to beta testing, a “science” board presentation and a Dragon’s Den type presentation to a panel of judges.

ITP will provide professional development opportunities for the teachers involved in the TechHub CREST Challenge.