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60 Seconds with Our Staff | Carolyn Walker

Marsden Fund Senior Research Assessor

Dr Carolyn Walker

I help to administer contestable funding to New Zealand’s research community.

Years with RSNZ: 3


I am originally from:


People would be surprised to know?

I’ve scuba dived under a frozen high altitude Queenstown lake, climbed a vertical face of a glacier in Iceland, rock climbed a precipice in Canada, lived in Bermuda when a category 4 hurricane made landfall, spent a month in the Bermuda Triangle chasing severe storms at sea, picked up a 3m python in the Vietnam and survived the Stratosfear ride at Rainbows End. None of which is as terrifying as finding a spider in my boot.

Museum or art gallery:

Museum – love the ancient artefacts

I collect:

Fossil ammonites – everything else is just stamp collecting.

Biology or chemistry:

Both – by training I’m a biogeochemist with a foot in each camp.

The accomplishment I am most proud of?

My degree, My PhD, My postdoc, my journal publications, my barista’s certificate, buying a first home in today’s economic climate.

Favourite dish to cook

Fajitas with lots of fresh coriander, salsa, and avo (yes you can have a house and eat avocados!)