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60 Seconds with the Staff | Science Teaching Leadership Programme

Jenn Corbitt

Jenn Corbitt web

I am one of the coordinators of the Science Teaching Leadership Programme.  This programme develops science leaders in primary and secondary schools.  When they return to their schools, their role is to enhance the quality of science teaching and learning by engaging students in real life, meaningful science experiences.

Years with the RSNZ: 4 years

First Job:



People would be surprised to know?

I design clothes.


I am originally from:

South Canterbury.


Biology or Chemistry:



Historical figure I most look up to:

Kate Sheppard.


I play….

The guitar.


Sweet or savoury?



Janine Bidmead

Janine Bidmead web

I assist in co-ordinating the Science Teaching Leadership Programme for teachers across New Zealand.

Time with the RSNZ: 6 Months


People would be surprised to know?

Between ages 6 – 8 I couldn’t speak English.


I am originally from:

The UK – Yorkshire (although I don’t sound like it).


I play….
Mario Kart & most board games.


Favourite dish to cook

Anything that involves lots of salmon.


Historical figure I most look up to:

I only recently discovered this: my great-grandmother was the first female Councillor in England – she also managed a farm and taught full-time whilst having multiple children and being Councillor. 


If I could visit another decade or century it would be:

I would love to go back to just before the big bang to see what there was (if anything).


Last book I read:

David Attenborough’s autobiography (it was amazing – what a life he’s had!).