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Sixty Seconds with our Staff

Welcome to Sixty Seconds with Our Staff. It’s your opportunity to find out a little about our staff. This week we are featuring some of our Expert Advice team.


Marc Rands

Marc Rands

As part of the Expert Advice and Practice Team I work with Fellows, Constituent Organisations and other experts to provide information for the public or Government on topics chosen by the Society’s Council. I also organise the programme for the Speaker’s Science Series, in partnership with the Speaker of the House, and partners Science New Zealand, Universities New Zealand, and the Independent Research Association of New Zealand, to provide a series of talks for MPs from researchers on topics of interest to Parliament. On the research practice side, I support the Australia and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching, in providing a focus for the consideration of the scientific, ethical and social issues associated with the use of animals in research and teaching.

Years with the RSNZ: 7

People would be surprised to know?

 I have three nationalities – I was born in New Zealand, naturalised in the UK, with a Canadian mother which grants me Canadian citizenship.

I am originally from:

Wellington, but my family moved to London when I was eight.

Last television series I finished?

Stranger Things (Netflix)

First Job:

Salmon cage worker on a salmon farm on a loch in the north of Scotland.

Biology or chemistry:

Biology – my PhD was studying the symbiosis between algae and sea anemones

Best job?

Supporting an inquiry into the Scottish fishing industry, meeting with fishermen, European Commission officials and fish stock scientists in Copenhagen

Favourite dish to cook?

I am able to cook a reasonable haggis

Francine Harland

Francine Harland web

I develop expert advice to government and the public on important issues facing New Zealand. I also help with the Society’s secretariat support for the International Science Council’s initiative on ensuring freedom and responsibility in the conduct of science.

Years with the RSNZ: 1

I am originally from:

Canterbury. My first primary school was in a sole charge (only one teacher for all year levels) at Pigeon Bay School

Last book I read:

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Best and worst school subjects?

Best: Accounting and Chemistry; Worst: English

Last movie I saw:

 Hidden Figures

First Job:

Pricking out at Jorna’s Nursery (now Zealandia Horticulture)

Biology or chemistry:

 Both (if I can only choose one then chemistry)

Walk or run:


I play the….