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Sixty Seconds with Our Staff | Joy Gribben


I oversaw and supported a great team of communications, outreach, and education experts. Oh and did a little PR…

Years with the RSNZ: 2

People would be surprised to know?

My father was born in Beirut and my grandfather is buried there.

I am originally from:

Shhh, Auckland – don’t tell anyone.

Last television series I finished?

Last one I’d recommend is House of Cards.

Last book I read:

Yanis Varoufakis ‘And the weak suffer what they must?’ A book on how the Greek economy ended up where it is by the ex-Finance Minister who walked out on it. Politics, intrigue, history, and a little polemic. The Hellenic version of ‘Margin Call’.

Car, bike or public transport?

Electric car (I wish).

I collect:

Cameras by accident.  Keep hoping I’ll focus on photography one day.

I play….

Piano, flute and trying to play the guitar. Hockey nut at school, but also cricketer, swimmer and tennis player. Used to play soccer in a mens social team.

Favourite dish to cook:

Duck a l’orange.

If I could visit another decade or century it would be:

2050 when we have world peace and a stable climate...