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When ‘can do’ crosses ‘should do’: human gene editing? | Wellington

Wed 27 Sept.
Josephine Johnston, Director of Research at The Hastings Center, New York, discusses some of the ethical concerns surrounding gene editing.

When ‘can do’ crosses ‘should do’: what to do about human gene editing?

We now have the ability to edit human genes. In fact, scientists have just successfully edited genes in human embryos to repair a common and serious disease-causing mutation, producing apparently healthy embryos. Yet these technologies raise “moral and ethical considerations in purposefully altering human evolution.”

Josephine Johnston, Director of Research at The Hastings Center looks at widely held ethical concerns about how or whether these emerging biotechnologies should be employed.

Presented in partnership with the David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation, The University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington.

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Royal Society Te Apārangi


Royal Society Te Apārangi, Aronui Lecture Theatre, 11 Turnbull Street, Thorndon, Wellington, 6011

6:00pm Wed 27 September, 2017 - 7:00pm Wed 27 September, 2017