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People and Place

14 March | Whangarei
Prof Richard Bedford
2018 Tai Tokerau Speaker Series
Presented with The University of Auckland

People and place: Aotearoa New Zealand’s population on the eve of Tuia – Encounters 250

In October 2019, Aotearoa New Zealand will mark a very significant anniversary – the early meetings of Māori and Europeans when British Captain James Cook and Tahitian chief and navigator, Tupaia, arrived here in 1769. This is a pivotal moment, when two great traditions of voyaging and exploration (Pacific and European) met on and off the coast of Aotearoa.

But 250 years later, how has the population of The Land of Long White Cloud evolved since these initial encounters?

In light of a new census held in March 2018, Richard examines the contemporary characteristics of our population, with a focus on international migration – a modern version of the voyaging and engagement that Cook and Tupaia’s visits 250 years ago initiated. Additionally, he delves into the contemporary demography of Northland Te Tai Tokerau and its distinctive qualities.

About the speaker


Richard Bedford
Emeritus Professor, University of Waikato and Auckland University of Technology
President, Royal Society Te Apārangi

Professor Richard (Dick) Bedford QSO FRSNZ is a population geographer who specialises in migration research. Since the mid-1960s he has been researching processes of population movement and demographic change in the Asia-Pacific region. Richard’s major research interests are circular forms of population mobility within and between countries, immigration policy, and the relationships between population movement and social and economic transformation in rural and urban areas in New Zealand and the Pacific. His current work explores the implications for New Zealand and Australia of population developments, and migration trends in the Asia-Pacific region over the next 30-40 years, including the impact of climate change on migration.

2018 Tai Tokerau Speaker Series
Presented by Royal Society Te Apārangi and The University of Auckland

Important decision-making for New Zealanders follows relevant and robust data collection and research. With 2018 being a census year, four renowned academics from throughout New Zealand share their expertise with the Tai Tokerau community – providing insight into migration, health, social wellbeing, cultural engagement, alongside other factors that define our unique population.

People and place
Professor Richard Bedford
AUT Emeritus Professor of Population Geography and President, Royal Society of Te Apārangi
6pm Wednesday 14 March

The science of wellbeing for children and young people
Professor Richie Poulton
University of Otago Professor of Psychology
Director, Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study, Chief Science Advisor MSD
6pm Wednesday 11 April

Diversity and implications for the new New Zealand
Professor Paul Spoonley
Massey University Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
6pm Wednesday 6 June

Census and Māori implications for our future
Professor Tahu Kukutai
University of Waikato Professor of Demography
Director of National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis
6pm Wednesday 20 June


Professor Richard Bedford

People and Place: Aotearoa New Zealand's population on the eve of Tuia - Encounters 250


Whangarei Central Library
5 Rust Avenue

6:00pm Wed 14 March, 2018 - 7:00pm Wed 14 March, 2018