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Mental Travels in Space and Time CHRISTCHURCH

Tues 20 June
2017 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture

2017 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture

Professor Michael Corballis 
University of Auckland, Emeritus Professor of Psychology. Awarded the Rutherford Medal in 2016 for foundational research on the nature and evolution of the human mind, including cerebral asymmetries, handedness, mental imagery, language, and mental time travel.

Professor Michael Corballis
Mental Travels in Space and Time
We have a remarkable capacity to mentally relive past events, imagine future ones, and even invent fictitious ones. This mental escape from the present allows us to plan our futures, deliberate on the past, and find inspiration in imagined scenarios. We can also transport ourselves into the minds of others, enhancing empathy and social understanding. Sometimes, our minds elude conscious control and wander in unpredictable ways, providing a potential source of creativity. Professor Michael Corballis will discuss the neuroscience and evolution of our mental excursions, and their implications for innovation, storytelling, and even language itself.

Michael’s latest book is The Truth about Language: What it is and Where it came from.

The New Zealand Rutherford Lecture is proudly sponsored by The University of Auckland

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Royal Society Te Apārangi


Charles Luney Auditorium, St Margaret's College 12 Winchester St, Merivale, Christchurch, Canterbury 8014

6:00pm Tue 20 June, 2017 - 7:00pm Tue 20 June, 2017