Adversity’s Sweet Milk – A1/A2 Milk Debate

Adversity's Sweet Milk – A1/A2 Milk DebateIt would seem that all milk is not created equal, and that’s even before humans start “adding value” by reducing fat content or adding vitamins, minerals or flavourings. A genetic variation among cattle could be affecting the milk we drink and causing health problems for a few people with particular types of health predisposition.

In September 2007, Professor Keith Woodford from Lincoln University released his book, “Devil in the milk: Illness, health and politics, A1 and A2 milk”, claiming that a particular type of milk protein is causing some people health problems and that the dairy industry is doing little to change the situation or to alert consumers of the potential problems.

This issue is one that has existed in scientific circles for decades, but Professor Woodford’s book has finally thrust the issue into the public arena. The subsequent media attention has many consumers concerned about the milk they drink. But what are the scientific facts surrounding Professor Woodford’s claims.