International Science and Technology Linkages Fund

Support for international collaborations

The Society administers the International Science and Technology (ISAT) Linkages Fund programmes on behalf of the Minister of Research, Science and Technology.

The Fund was established in 1994 to support government’s multilateral and bilateral international commitments and to enhance researcher and institutional linkages to ensure that New Zealand’s science and technology activities are fully integrated with the best international research and development efforts.

The following received funding from the ISAT Linkages Fund in 2002-03:


  • Dr G Barris, Industrial Research collaborated with Dr Eiji Tani, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan on Sialon Ceramic Filters with Structural Porosity
  • Ms S Becken, Landcare Research collaborated with Dr James Ness, Griffith University, Australia on the Travel Behaviour and Decision Making of Australian Visitors to New Zealand
  • Dr M Bruce, NIWA collaborated with Dr Sagiv Kolkovski, Department of Fisheries Western Australia, Australia on Laval Nutrition of the Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)
  • Dr C Dickson, Industrial Research collaborated with Dr Dan Perera, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia on the Immobilisation of Hazardous Wastes in Geopolymers
  • Dr R Johnson, AgResearch collaborated with Dr Yasuo Itoh, Shinshu University, Japan on Analysis of Key Events Occurring During Genetic Transformation of the Endophytic Fungus Neotyphodium Lolii
  • Dr N Laycock, Industrial Research collaborated with Dr Hiroshi Nanjo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan on the Formation and Structure of Thin Oxide Films on Passive Materials
  • Dr M Lieffering, AgResearch collaborated with Dr Masumi Okada, National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region (NARO), Japan on the Plants in a Changing World: Does Temperature Affect the Variation in the Response of Plants to Elevated Carbon Dioxide?
  • Dr I A Pecher, Geological & Nuclear Sciences collaborated with Dr Brian Evans, Curtin University, Australia on Preparing Collaborative Research to Calibrate the Seismic Response of Gas-Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Offshore New Zealand
  • Dr S D Pollard, Canterbury Museum collaborated with Dr Daiqin Li, National University of Singapore, Singapore on Stalking Stalkers: Spitting Spiders and Jumping Spiders in Evolutionary Arms Races
  • Dr K J Stevens, Industrial Research collaborated with Vicki Keast, University of Sydney, Australia on Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Carbides Formed During Metal Dusting
  • Dr M H Tavendale, AgResearch Palmerston North collaborated with Louis Klein, CSIRO Livestock Industries, Australia on Factors Influencing the Measurement of Ruminant Methane Emissions Via Trace Gas Technology
  • Ms M Walter, HortResearch collaborated with Hui-lian Xu, International Nature Farming Research Centre (INFRC), Japan on Odour Control and Waste Management for Intensive Livestock and Dairying Using Effective Microorganisms (EM)
  • Dr Y J Yuan, Industrial Research collaborated with Professor Shouzheng Zhu, East China Normal University, China on Biosensors Based On MEMS Cantilevers


  • Mr R Andrew, Landcare Research collaborated with Dr Steve Jarvis, North Wyke Research Station, United Kingdom on Computer Modelling of Nitrous Oxide Emissions;
  • Mr K Baronian, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology collaborated with Professor Gotthard Kunze, Institut for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Germany on Yeast-Based Sensors for the Deletion of Significant Environmental Contaminants
  • Dr E Brockerhoff, Forest Research collaborated with Dr Herve Jactel, Forest Research Centre (INRA), France on the Effects of Biodiversity on Pest Impact in Plantation Forests
  • Dr R K Didham, University of Canterbury collaborated with Uwe Kallweit, Staatliche Museum for Tierkunde, Germany on the Phylogeny and Biogeography of the New Zealand Fungus Gnats
  • Dr M Dodd, AgResearch collaborated with Associate Professor Wolfgang Kohler, Justus von Liebig University, Germany on the Impacts of Land Use Change on Biodiversity
  • Dr J Eaton-Rye, University of Otago collaborated with Dr Ursula Liebl, National Centre of Scientific Research, France on the Characterisation of Oxygen-Sensing Pathways in Prokaryotes
  • Ms S Foote, Forest Research collaborated with Dr Michael Wagner, Technical University of Munich, Germany on the Treatment of Pulp and Paper Wastewater using a Novel Nitrogen-Fixing Biological Treatment System
  • Dr K Hall, University of Otago collaborated with Dr Ulrich Hoffrage, Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany on An Investigation into Intuition, Heuristics and Decision-Making in Ethics
  • Dr S Hendy, Industrial Research collaborated with Dr Mary Ryan, Imperial College, London, UK on Fundamental Studies of the Corrosion of Metals
  • Dr S Hussmann, University of Auckland collaborated with Dr Wolfram Kleuver, Dr Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH, Germany on Low-Cost IPT System for Moving Wireless Optical Sensors
  • Dr M Hyland, University of Auckland collaborated with Professor Hans Muller-Steinhagen, Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, DLR, Germany on the Coatings for Lightweight Bipolar Plates for Solid Polymer Fuel Cells
  • Dr H Kaspar, Cawthron Institute collaborated with Dr Carlos Saavedra & Dr Juan Pena Forner, Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal, Spain on the Domestication of the Scallop
  • Dr G Jarvis, ViaLactia Biosciences (NZ) Ltd collaborated with Mr Carsten Strompl, German Research Centre for Biotechnology, Germany on Characterisation of the Rumen Microbial Populations Responsible for Forage Degradation in New Zealand Cows using Molecular Techniques
  • Professor K J D MacKenzie, Industrial Research collaborated with Professor H Schneider, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany on the Environmental Barried Coatings for Oxide Fibre/Oxide Matrix Composites
  • Dr M T McManus, Massey University collaborated with Dr Stanislav Kopriva, Albert-Ludwigs Unversitat Freiburg, Germany on the Regulation of Sulphur Uptake and Assimilation in Commercially Grown Onion Genotypes
  • Mrs G Moreas, Industrial Research collaborated with Professor Valentin A Stonik, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia on the Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Bio-Actives from Sea Cucumbers
  • Dr S C Mukhopadhyay, Massey University collaborated with Dr Gerd Dobmann, Institut for Non-Destructive Testing, Germany on Sensors for High Performance and Reliability for Non-Destructive Techniques
  • Dr K Muller, AgResearch collaborated with Dr Markus Deurer, University of Hannover, Germany on Spatial Variability of Pesticide Degradation as Influenced by Matrix and Preferential Flow
  • Professor C S Nelson, Waikato University collaborated with Dr Michael Pearson, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK on the Novel Organic Insights into Concretion Cementation and Septarian Fracturing
  • Dr U Rieser, Victoria University collaborated with Professor Dr Ludwig Zoeller, Universitaet Bayreuth, Germany on Luminescence Dating – Methodology Advances and some Applications to New Zealand Geology
  • Dr A Seleznyova, HortResearch collaborated with Dr Evelyne Costes, Architecture et Fonctionnement des Especes Fruiteres, France on Virtual Apple Tree Development as Affected by Dwarfing/non-Dwarfing Rootstocks
  • Dr E Stytsenko, Industrial Research collaborated with Professor Alex Grishin, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden on Piezoelectric Ceramics Deposition Technology
  • Emeritus Professor H J Trodahl, Victoria University collaborated with Dr C E A Grigorescu, National Institute for Optoelectronics, Romania on Blue-UV Optoelectronic Materials
  • Dr N Trustrum, Landcare Research collaborated with Phillippe Frey & Norbert Landon, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research, France on Sediment Management in Dynamic River Systems
  • Dr M R van den Heuvel, Forest Research collaborated with Bernd Kollner & Uwe Fischer, Federal Research Centre for Virus Diseases in Animals, Germany on Advanced Immunological Techniques for the Determination of Sweage Effluent Impacts in Fish
  • Dr W L Xu, Massey University collaborated with Dr K-H Wurst, University of Stuttgart, Germany on Open and Reconfigurable Intelligent Machines for Mechatronics Research

North America

  • Professor A Al-Jumaily, Auckland University of Technology collaborated with Dr Mostafa Fatemi, Ultrasonci Research Laboratory, Minnesota, USA on the Experimental Investigation into the Dynamic Characteristics of the Trachea-Bronchi Walls
  • Dr J Beaven, Geological & Nuclear Sciences collaborated with Dr Jeffrey Freymueller, University of Alaska, Alaska, USA on the Variation in Coupling of Tectonic Plates Along the Alaska Subduction Zone: Comparison with the Hikurangi Subduction Zone and Implications of Earthquake Hazard
  • Dr J V Briskie, University of Canterbury collaborated with Dr Thomas Martin, University of Montana, USA on Islands as Model Systems for Studying the Role of Nest Predation in Life History Evolution
  • Associate Professor P Brothers, University of Auckland collaborated with Professor Karin Ruhlandt-Senge, Syracuse University, NY, USA on Precursors to New Solid State Materials
  • Dr J H Clemons, Landcare Research collaborated with Dr Michaela Kendall, New York University, USA on Defining the Interaction between the Lung Surface and Urban Air Particulate
  • Dr J A Duckworth, Landcare Research collaborated with Lowell Miller, National Wildlife Research Center, USA on Anti-Fertility Vaccines for Possum Control in New Zealand
  • Dr H Dungey, Forest Research collaborated with Dr Danilo Fernando, State University of New York, USA on In Vitro Fertilisation in Pines
  • Dr D Grattan, University of Otago collaborated with Professor Robert Bridges, Tufts University, USA on Prolactin Stimulation of Material Behaviour: Role of Transcription Factor STAT5b
  • Dr R W McDowell, AgResearch collaborated with Dr Peter Kleinman, USDA – Agricultural Research Service, USA on the Detemination of Connectivity between Phosphorus Loss from Manured Fields and Downstream Water Quality
  • Dr S Meier, Dexcel Ltd collaborated with Dr Mathhew Lucy, University of Missouri, USA on the Investigation of Gene Regulation in Uterine and Luteal Tissues: A Molecular Approach
  • Dr M V Mickelbart, Lincoln University collaborated with Professor Richard Dilley, Purdue University, USA on the Photosynthetic Response to Light Quality and Quantity
  • Dr J W Palmer, HortResearch collaborated with Dr Alan Lakson, Cornell University, New York, USA on the Validation of Computer Model of Apple Tree Growth and Productivity Using Data from New Zealand
  • Associate Professor A J Pullan, University of Auckland collaborated with L. Alan Bradshaw, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA on Magnetic Imaging of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Dr R J Sparks, Geological & Nuclear Sciences collaborated with Jocelyn Turnbull, University of Colorado, USA on the Development of High Precision AMS Radiocarbon Preparation and Measurement Techniques for the Analysis of Atmosphere CO2
  • Dr M R Thorpe, HortResearch collaborated with Dr Manuel Lerdau, State University of New York, USA on Plant Growth Measurement using PET: A Medical Imaging Technique
  • Dr G M Timmerman-Vaughan, Crop & Food Research collaborated with Dr Clarice Coyne, Washington State University, USA on Genomic Approaches to Pea Germplasm Characterisation and Gene Discovery
  • Dr D Whitehead, Landcare Research collaborated with Kathleen Savage, Woods Hole Research Centre, USA on Respiration from a Forest Soil with Changing Depth to the Water Table

Latin America

  • Mr G Fisher, NIWA collaborated with Dr Luis Matamala & Dr George Fruehauf, Enviromodelling Ltda & Lenyz Consultores Ltda, Chile on the Development of New Environmental Modelling Software and Tools
  • Dr M O’Meagher, University of Auckland collaborated with Professor Enrique Tandeter, Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana, Argentina on Reconstructing Civil Society: Argentina in a Comparative Framework
  • Dr G L Rapson, Massey University, collaborated with Associate Professor Sandra Diaz, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina on Understanding the Impacts of New Zealand’s Isolation on the Evolution of the Flora, and Its Response to Invasion


  • Professor R Jackson, University of Canterbury collaborated with Professor Hans Herren, International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenya on Spiders That Kill Malaria Vectors