Establishing a Contract

If you have been awarded a Marsden Fund grant, you will receive notification from the Marsden Fund Council. Upon receipt of this, you must inform the Marsden Fund (via your Research Office, where applicable) if any part of your proposed research has been awarded funding from another source.  Please provide information about the funding and the associated research. This information is required before funding can be confirmed.

If you do not intend to accept the offer of funding, please advise us by the date specified in your letter of offer.

If you accept the funding, please use our electronic portal, Contracting On-Line, to input the information that we require to create the contract. Contracting On-Line will be ready for use from the date advised in your letter of offer.  It can be accessed via a login URL sent to you by your Research Office or (in the case of private researchers) the Marsden Fund.

The following sections from your full proposal will need to be uploaded to Contracting On-Line:

  • the Budget and Expendables
  • the Overall Aim of the Research (Section 2B)
  • the Timetable (Section 2E).

In addition, the following forms (available from the Contacting On-Line portal) will need to be filled out and uploaded:

  • the Declaration of Staff on University Contracts (this does not apply to private contractors or those based at non-university research institutes)
  • the Ethical and Regulatory Approval Requirements (including for projects that do not require ethical approval).

The system will automatically input details from your full proposal for many of the fields; please ensure these details are still correct.

The start date for your contract is indicated in your letter of offer, unless otherwise negotiated. Earlier start dates will need justification.

Payments can commence only after the Marsden Fund has received the signed contracts. Grant money is direct credited on the second working day after the 20th of each month to the account specified by your research institution or by you if you are a private contractor.

If you have any questions about the contracting process, please contact your Research Office or the Marsden Fund (see Contact Us).

Contract Reporting

Contract reporting is a contractual obligation of grant recipients.  Reporting due dates are detailed in grant contracts.  Reports are submitted through the online portal Reporting On-Line, which is accessed via a login URL sent to researchers one month before their report is due.

The “Progress” section of the report should address the findings, with a diagram or two, if appropriate, and be written for an educated non-specialist. As a guide to length, an annual report might be 1500 words, and a final report about 3000 words, however the content is more important than the length. For further information about on-line reporting, please see the Reporting On-Line FAQs.

We also encourage researchers to email us about findings and publicity from their work, as these emerge.  Please feel free to contact us with press releases, photos, podcasts, details of new books or articles, and information on findings, relating to your Marsden Fund supported research.

Acknowledging Marsden Funding

When and where appropriate, support from the Marsden Fund should be acknowledged with the following phrase, or similar: “Supported by the Marsden Fund Council from Government funding, managed by the Royal Society of New Zealand”.

The Marsden Fund logo may also be used and can be downloaded below by right-clicking the link and selecting  “Save as…”.


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