This programme is supported under Catalyst: Seeding 

The New Zealand/Germany Scientific and Technological Co-operation (STC) Agreement Programme forms a Sub-Programme of Catalyst: Seeding. It supports the STC Agreement signed in 1977 between the Governments of New Zealand and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) to foster closer co-operation in specific areas of science and technology between the two countries.

The primary purpose of the New Zealand-Germany STC Agreement programme is to support the development and enhancement of research relationships between Germany and New Zealand with an emphasis on supporting new activities and relationships.

The New Zealand – Germany Science & Technology Programme will fund travel, accommodation and other related costs for New Zealand researchers visiting Germany to work on joint research projects. Funding for German researchers’ visits to New Zealand will be funded through the German partners. The programme will not support staff time, research consumables, meals or any other costs directly associated with the undertaking of research.


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