The CoREs are inter-institutional research networks, with researchers working together on commonly agreed work programmes. CoREs focus on the development of human capital, so they undertake outreach activities (for example, within the wider education system). CoREs make a contribution to national development and focus on the impact of their research.

There are 10 CoREs which are funded by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) until 2020. The government has announced a mid-term review of the CoREs. The Royal Society of New Zealand has been contracted by the TEC to undertake part of the review; a Panel review to provide an overall commentary on the progress and direction of each CoRE.

The Society is developing the guidance documents for the mid-term review and will add these to this site as they become available. A call for nominations to the Review Panel and a request for submissions from each of the CoREs is expected to be made early in February 2017.

2017 Terms of Reference for the CoREs Mid-term review (PDF, 435 kB)

  • 2017 CoRE mid-term review panel

    Panel membership and guidelines for the 2017 CoRE mid-term review Panel

  • CoREs Submission Guidelines

    Each Centre is requested to prepare a written submission for the Review Panel that assesses and provides evidence for their Centre’s contribution towards meeting the…

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