The Royal Society of New Zealand is pleased to announce that the winner of the Climate Change Poster Competition for New Zealand Year 7/8 students is Ahmad Al-Afaghani from Mount Roskill Intermediate with this winning entry:



Climate change poster competition winner Ahmad Al-Afaghani, Mt Roskill Intermediate, with Professor Ralph Sims, Massey University and Chair of the Royal Society of New Zealand panel on how to mitigate climate change.

The competition was to engage school students in thinking about climate change and what we as New Zealanders can do to reduce the effects of climate change.

Competition rules

Use the Royal Society of New Zealand’s climate change reports, summary brochures and infographics to create a digital poster entitled:  

What action can we take to reduce climate change in New Zealand?

Poster title
  • The title of the poster must be: “What action can we take to reduce climate change in New Zealand?”
  • This competition is open to Year 7 and 8 students currently enrolled in New Zealand registered schools.
  • Posters may be entered by an individual, team or class.
Submission rules
  • Posters must be submitted no later than 5pm Thursday 20 October 2016.
  • No more than three posters per school will be accepted.
Poster guidelines
  • The KIS philosophy should prevail: Keep It Simple.
  • Graphics must be of a high resolution.
  • Ensure student name/s, class and school are included on the bottom of the poster.

How to enter your poster

Posters must be uploaded to website

How to upload your poster

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Climate Change Poster competition and click ‘APPLY’.
  3. On the next screen, enter in the following details:
    1. Your title
    2. Summary/biography  
    3. Description (address competition criteria)
  4. Add poster by clicking on ‘Files’ tab on left hand column, and uploading.
  5. Additional links can be added ‘Additional Details’.
  6. A draft of your entry has now been created.
  7. You can add your poster as the banner to the page.

The prize

The prize for winning the poster competition is to have a New Zealand climate change expert visit your class! 

Notes for teachers

  • The poster may be an individual, team or class entry.
  • Since only 3 posters per school can be entered, each school will need to undertake its own selection process.
  • The climate change poster work could be part of a Science or Design and Communication programme of learning.

Curriculum links could include:


Ecological Sustainability


Nature of Science: Communicating in Science; Participating and Contributing;

Living World: Life Processes;



Participating and Contributing


Design and Visual Communication


Te Ao Tūroa

Sustainability Education:

Taking Action

The Arts:


Royal Society of New Zealand climate change resources

Climate Change Mitigation options for New Zealand resources

Climate Change Implications for New Zealand resources