Fellowship of the Royal Society of New Zealand (FRSNZ) is an honour conferred for distinction in research or the advancement of science, or technology, or the humanities.

Since its earliest days the Royal Society has made provision for the election of Honorary Fellows from overseas institutions. These were called Honorary Members until the Society’s new Act in 1997. With similar criteria to those for Fellowship, Honorary Fellowships are aimed at encouraging liaison between  scientists of different nations and promoting communication and links.

Current Fellows and Honorary Fellows

There are currently 408 Fellows and 59 Honorary Fellows.

All Fellows and Honorary Fellows

Fellowship Categories

Fully employed: Greater than 0.4 FTE

Working in retirement: Less than 0.4 FTE on an ongoing basis but an occasional one-off contract permissible.

Retired: No regular paid employment but an occasional one-off paid activity is permissible.

Emeritus: No longer actively engaged in research or scholarly activities in a substantive way; no longer contributing to the activities of the Society; and has been a Fellow for at least 5 years.

Emeritus Status

1         A Fellow may, by notice given to the Academy Executive Committee, choose to be an Emeritus Fellow.

2         An Emeritus Fellow must:

(a) be no longer actively engaged in research or scholarly activities in a substantive way; and

(b) have been a Fellow for at least 5 years.

3         An Emeritus Fellow is not:

(a)           required to pay any subscriptions; or

(b)          invited to attend any formal meetings of the Academy; or

(c)           obliged to participate in any activities of the Academy; or

(d)          eligible to vote in any Royal Society of New Zealand ballots

4         A Fellow becomes an Emeritus Fellow on and from the day the Society gives notice to the Fellow of the Academy Executive Committee’s acceptance of the notice given by the Fellow, and receipt of the Fellow’s signed Declaration.


Academy Bylaws

Election of Fellows and Honorary Fellows

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