Future Marine Resource Use

Additional Online Content

GNS Science’s December 2011 report on New Zealand’s marine resources covers many of the issues in more detail than the Emerging Issues paper. It provides fuller coverage of our stocks of marine minerals, oil & gas, and gas hydrates, along with a discussion of the factors affecting their use, the data needed to manage those resources, and considers how to maximise economic and social benefits whilst minimising environmental impacts:
GNS Science report on marine minerals (Word, 4.7 MB) 

NIWA have published a primer on their proposals to identify and map the major ramifications of climate change for coastal and offshore waters:
An Ocean Climate Change Atlas for New Zealand Waters

Power Projects Limited produced a report in 2008 for the Electricity Commission (EC), Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), summarising New Zealand’s potential for marine energy. The report suggests our potential for tidal flow and wave power is substantial:
Development of Marine Energy in New Zealand

New Zealand is the first nation to catalogue our biodiversity, with the third of three volumes of our biodiversity inventory to be published on May the 17th:
New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity, edited by Dennis Gordon, published by Canterbury University Press

NIWA summarises New Zealand’s potential wave power: