The question which we came together for, at the inspiration of Paul, was how can science, the power of the mind and scholarship help make this country achieve some generally held goals, economic prosperity, a high standard of living for all, greater social cohesion and achieving that necessary economic growth without harm to our environment.
We all have to find our own path to the future for Aotearoa, New Zealand. And it’s we, it’s not me, it’s we. – Sir Peter Gluckman

The Transit of Venus Forum took place on 5-8 June in Gisborne and Tolaga Bay. Hundreds of scientists, iwi representatives, dignitaries and delegates gathered to further Professor Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision of making New Zealand “a place where talent wants to live”.

Topics discussed included science and prosperity, the emerging Maori economy, using and managing our resources, restoring and enhancing the environment, New Zealand’s connection with the rest of the world and the people of New Zealand, and our greatest resource – our people.

Transit of Venus Forum Report CoverLatest: the report on the Forum by Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman Science and New Zealand’s Future: Reflections from the Transit of Venus Forum (PDF, 399 kB)  is now available.

Read Prime Minister John Key’s speech given at the Royal Society of New Zealand event to launch Sir Peter Gluckman’s report.

For those who were not at the Forum, the sessions were recorded, thanks to the Ministry of Science and Innovation and can be viewed on the forum proceedings page. View photographs by Stephen Jones, official event photographer.

Sir Paul’s aim for the Forum was to forge new ideas for New Zealand’s future and find real points of action to go forward with. Delegates and speakers have been charged with the challenge to put what was discussed at the Forum into action and help to make a difference for New Zealand’s future.