NZ ORCID Consortium Newsletter #1

In this issue of the New Zealand ORCID Consortium newsletter:

Welcome to the first New Zealand ORCID Consortium newsletter from the Royal Society of New Zealand’s ORCID team.  We’ve been a little quiet since the Consortium’s launch, but there’s been a lot of activity behind the scenes.  Future newsletters will be driven by content, but we expect that, with so much happening in our community, this information drought will not be repeated.

Consortium news

The New Zealand ORCID consortium was officially launched on 13 October 2016. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a successful day. The number of attendees was well in excess of the number of people who had registered and it was fantastic to see everyone. Presentations from the  day are on a link from the ORCID launch page

In case, you missed the notice, we’re extremely happy to have the University of Auckland as the Consortium’s Technology Partner.  The able and enthusiastic team there: jeff kennedy, Enterprise Architecture Manager; Radomirs Cirskis, ORCID Project Architect; and Roshan Pawar, ORCID Developer, will primarily be developing the New Zealand ORCID Hub, and providing a backstop for technical support when your problems stump the team here.  The UOA team have only recently reached their full complement, but we’ve been impressed with the progress they’re making.  Please note the Society’s support mail should remain your first port of call for any Consortium queries.

You should all be receiving the ORICD monthly newsletter, if you’re not please let us know so that we can add you to ORCID’s distribution list.

Thanks to all members who participated in the recent ORCID Board elections.  Only Consortium members who acceded before 16 November 2016 were eligible to vote; however, we’re told by ORCID that there was strong engagement with the election from our Consortium’s Members.  The results and ORICD’s plans going forward are on the ORCID blog.

Advisory Committee

We’ve received your nomination to the Consortium’s Advisory Committee.  A sincere thank you to all who participated, and especially to our new Committee members for taking this on. The inaugural meeting is on 27th March.  The Committee’s webpage has been started and will be updated as information becomes available.

NZ ORCID Hub and the IT Advisory Group

As mentioned, the University of Auckland is the Consortium’s Technology Partner, leading the development the NZ ORCID Hub. The Hub’s vision is to be a simple, easy-to-use, web interface that will enable Consortium members to authoritatively assert the employment affiliations on their researchers’ ORCID records.  Initially, the focus is on affiliation, but features such as education, funding, and works, are possible if community desire and resources permit.

The development team are committed to this project being collaboratively developed with the research, science and innovation community.  The Society’s Hub and IT Advisory Group page gives a fuller description and collect links to the public resources tracking the Hub’s development.

While the Hub is conceived as a public, open source, development with contributions, suggestions, and feature requests welcomed, we’re just about to call for interest for an IT Advisory Group from the Consortium members’ Technical Contacts; more information on what is expected of this group can also be found at the link above.

Membership Update

To date, we have 42 consortium members with another three organisations working their way through accession.  This makes New Zealand the third largest consortium in the world, of the 14 that currently exist.

Most organisations have now nominated a main and a technical contact person for their organisation; thank you. If you are not sure who that person is, check the membership webpage. If either the contact person for your organisation or their details need to be updated please contact us at


The hub won’t be the only way in which you can integrate with ORCID. As a Consortium member, you have access to the ORCID premium member APIs. The ORCID website has a useful comparison of what the different APIs allow you to do.  It is definitely part of the Society’s role as support to advise on ORCID integration; if any of the use cases are of interest please let us know.

If you’re an organisation’s Technical Contact, you should have received notice that ORCID have fully launched version 2.0 of the API; if you’re planning on building an integration this is the version you should be developing to.  Applications referencing version 1.2 will cease to work by year’s end.  For a good summary of how, and why, this was done see this interview with ORCIDs Director of Technology, Robert Peters.  If the above appears to be techno-gibberish to you, you almost certainly don’t need to take any action, and please take comfort that you’re the people for which we’re pursuing the NZ ORCID Hub in first place!  If you have any questions, then again, this is a good time to get in touch with your Consortium support line.

Collect and Connect badges from ORCID

Collect and Connect badges are logos that you can display to show the stage your organisation’s use of ORCID is at.  You have to qualify for the badges, one at a time. The further on you are in your integration and use of ORCID, the more badges you get.




A list of consortium members who are aspiring towards them are on our webpage for consortium members under ‘Collect and Connect badges from ORCID’.


ORCID regularly runs outreach events. Agendas and presentations are made available on the ORCID events page.  We can wholeheartedly recommend their live presentations as a great way to quickly get up to speed with ORCID; many are recorded and presented on the ORCID Vimeo channel.

Resources for members

If you want ORCID-branded items to offer as part of your ORCID implementation, for example, mugs, pens, water bottles, then print-ready graphics are available.  Please contact us at with what you’d like to do, and we will try to help you out.

More general outreach materials such as posters and fliers are available on the ORCID outreach resources page of their website.

We’ve also put up a page collecting links to the resources which we think will be of use: NZ ORCID Consortium Resources, please let us know if there’s something you’re after and it’s not there.

Website revamp

We’ve been in the process of steering the Society’s ORCID pages from their initial focus to support the Consortium Launch, to a broader ORCID in New Zealand suite.  We hope it’s worth a look.  As a means of providing links to resources for those who are uncertain about ORCID, FAQ pages on ORCID for researchers and the NZ ORCID consortium are now posted.  Please note that, if possible, any general interest support requests that we receive to the mailbox will, as they’ve been addressed, be added to the relevant FAQ, together with the current best-practice solution.

Your News here

As a community, the Consortium will benefit from sharing experiences and questions.  If you have any news about ORCID within your organisation that you would like to share with other Consortium members in this newsletter please send it to