Dinosaurs and Disasters Geocamp 2012

Fossils, fault lines and rocks millions of years old were discovered by students and teachers taking part in the GNS Science Dinosaurs and Disasters Geocamp, held in Hawkes Bay recently.

Girl examines cliff at Geocamp 2012

The geocamp was a two-week field-based geosciences course for Y7-9 school students and teachers, including two current and several previous Primary Science Teacher Fellows.

Hosted by the National Aquarium in Napier and sponsored by the Todd Foundation with support from the Royal Society of New Zealand, the program aimed to open the eyes of young people, their schools and the local community to the wonders of the natural environment in their local area.

All participants learned basic geoscience concepts by exploring sites of geological interest in the Hawkes Bay.

It culminated in a two day expo created and run by the students to show their discoveries to the public.

The teachers who participated will also be presenting a workshop to their colleagues as part of the upcoming Primary Science Week 2012.

See Dinosaurs and Discoveries Geocamp 2012 for more and to hear from the students themselves what they learned.