What on Earth

An International Colloquium Exploring Science & Policy Implications of Earth Observation in New Zealand

What on Earth imageThis colloquium explores opportunities for New Zealand to more widely use satellite imagery and discuss the benefits that may be derived from improved data and image access. The colloquium will also seek a way forward to access affordable satellite data in near real-time.


  • European Space Agency
  • e-Geos
  • German Space Agency
  • GNS
  • Italian Space Agency
  • KiwImage
  • Landcare Research
  • NIWA
  • Swedish Space Corporation
  • Telespazio
  • Venture Southland


The launch of the European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle “Johannes Kepler” on 15 February 2011, which will be tracked at Awarua Station near Invercargill, and the upcoming joint bid by Australia and New Zealand for the €2B Square Kilometre Array deep space radio telescope, together with considerable interest expressed by European state space agencies makes this symposium timely and underlines the significance to New Zealand of satellite remote sensing data collection and management.


  • Local government.
  • Central government ministries and departments, crown research institutes, universities and organisations responsible for: environmental and natural resource management, monitoring, reporting and compliance.
  • Policy analysts.
  • Resource managers and planners.
  • Emergency preparedness, disaster management.
  • Observing offshore fishing and shipping.
  • Pastoral farming, forestry, and oil and mineral exploration.

Presentations will be suitable for a lay audience, who may not have an understanding of satellite imaging, describing earth observation applications suitable for adoption, or transfer to New Zealand.


“What on Earth‟ is sponsored by the European Space Agency in association with Venture Southland under the “Arrangement Between the Government of New Zealand and the European Space Agency on the Setting Up and Use of Telemetry and Tracking Facilities for the Purpose of the Agency’s Launcher Programmes and Activities‟.