NZ Journal of Geology and Geophysics Virtual Special Issue out now

Download PDF flyerTo coincide with the GeoNZ 2010 conference we have published a ‘virtual issue’ of papers relating to the Auckland Peninsula and Taupo Volcanic Zone.

These papers are available free of charge until 30 April 2011.

To access them, download the PDF from the Taylor & Francis website, and follow the linked titles.

The following papers are available:

  • Cladoceran-inferred environmental change during the LGM to Holocene transition from Onepoto maar paleolake, Auckland, New Zealand
    Giri R. Kattel; Paul C. Augustinus, Volume 53 Issue 1
  • Paleomagnetic record of basaltic volcanism from Pukaki and Onepoto maar lake cores, Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand
    Alessandra Venuti; Kenneth L. Verosub, Volume 53 Issue 1
  • Marine seismic reflection profiles from the Waitemata–Whangaparoa region, Auckland
    Bryan Davy, Volume 51 Issue 3
  • Resistivity structure of western Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
    H. M. Bibby; G. F. Risk; T. G. Caldwell; W. Heise; S. L. Bennie, Volume 51 Issue 4
  • Stratigraphy, dynamics, and eruption impacts of the dual magma Rotorua eruptive episode, Okataina Volcanic Centre, New Zealand
    G. N. Kilgour; R. T. Smith, Volume 51 Issue 4
  • Late Pleistocene surface rupture history of the Paeroa Fault, Taupo Rift, New Zealand
    Kelvin Berryman; Pilar Villamor; Ian Nairn; Russ van Dissen; John Begg; Julie Lee, Volume 51 Issue 2
  • Stratigraphic and structural evidence for an accretionary precursor to the Northland Allochthon: Mt Camel Terrane, northernmost New Zealand
    V. G. Toy; K. B. Spörli, Volume 51 Issue 4
  • Cretaceous-Oligocene multiphase magmatism on Three Kings Islands, northern New Zealand
    K. N. Nicholson; P. M. Black; K. B. Spörli, Volume 51 Issue 3
  • Ultra-fast early Miocene exhumation of Cavalli Seamount, Northland Plateau, Southwest Pacific Ocean
    N. Mortimer; W. J. Dunlap; J. M. Palin; R. H. Herzer; F. Hauff; M. Clark, Volume 51 Issue 1